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My name is Sheila,

I am here to support you to reconnect to your innate source of inner guidance, vitality, and wisdom to re-establish mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. My training and expertise are in:


  • Holistic Counseling

  • Systemic Family Constellations

  • Yoga & Embodiment


I work individually and in groups, both in person and online.

Remember Who You Are



26 Sep 2024


A 3 night 4 day immersion in nature and silence to nurture deep connection to Self... more



16 July 2024 


July & Aug 2024


What I offer

What kind of support is right for you?

Online | Courses | Circles | Workshops 

Group Containers

Experiential and educational group containers with a focus on relevant topics such as Intuition, Self Care, Generational Healing, Midlife and Menopause.

Online & In Person

1:1 Sessions

Space, support, and guidance to navigate both your inner and outer experience, gain perspective, and access your own inner wisdom and power.

In Person | Europe & USA

Retreats & Events

Retreats and workshops in beautiful locations to support rest, deep listening, and transformation.

Group Container | Free | Online

Intuitive Self Care Circle

A monthly one-hour free online container dedicated to learning and practicing the art of intuitive self care.

Group Container | Live | Online

6 Week Courses

Group containers to support transformation and growth. Each group will explore a different topic such as: Intuitive Self Care, Systemic Family Constellations, Feminine Embodiment, Perimenopause & Midlife.

Retreat | In Person | Europe

Sanctuary Retreats

Sanctuary Intuitive Self Care Retreat is an experiential journey in the art of intuitive living beginning with your relationship to yourself and what you need at this moment of your life. Create the foundation for a lifestyle that is aligned to with your Soul.

1:1 | Online & In Person

Individual Sessions

Holistic Counseling

A space of exploration, support, and healing.

Systemic Family Constellations

Uncover hidden systemic origins of current life issues.

No sure which service is right for you?

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What clients say

"Since I began this journey with Sheila I feel more woman, more mother, more wife, more daughter, more sister, more friend….because at last, I feel myself."

Beatrice Graziani

"Sheila’s knowledge awakens my heart and banishes my fears. Her words are a path and a refuge."

Laura Crecenzi

"I have learned to handle any sensations or feelings that my body sends me, welcoming them without judgment.  Thanks to Sheila I have found a beautiful inner harmony."

Nicoletta Pagnotta

"Since I began this journey with Sheila I feel more woman, more mother, more wife, more daughter, more sister, more friend….because at last, I feel myself."


My body says thank you, for you showing me a few tricks on how to take care of it, softly with respect and acceptance. My mind thanks you, for the possibility of wandering in a more peaceful pace, in a space a little bit wider than usual. My femininity thanks you, for the reconnection slowly happening.

Celine Vuagniaux

"Sheila is an incredible being, who offers a sense of belonging....”

Krista Perrod


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