Women's Sacred Circle

Coming together in a circle of women we create a sacred space, 'a temple space'  to surrender fully into the feminine flow.   We come together to engage in unique and radical spiritual practices created by women, for women, and practiced together with other women.

The  practices allow us to embody and enhance our feminine nature rather than deny or transcend it.  Through focus on the breath, movement, dance, and touch we enter into a space beyond the mind, beyond the personality and all its stories.  We enter into an oasis where we can surrender our masks and burdens and receive deep nourishment. Here we come to know experientially the truth of our Oneness and  release the illusion of separation. 

The higher intention of the Women's Sacred Circle is to support women to be healthy and whole and to fully express the richness of our feminine essence.  The Circle allows us to nourish and gently caress each other to open into the vastness of our Feminine Hearts and come to know our true nature as pure Love.  

I deeply bow to  Chameli Ardagh who is the feminine force bringing this work to the world through the Awakening Women's Institute and upon whose teachings this circle is based.

The Women's Sacred Circle is closed for now but please contact me to express your interest and be placed on the waiting list.