The body is the temple.
The breath is the teacher and guide.
Each movement is an offering, a prayer of gratitude for our life.

The practice of hatha yoga is fundamentally a practice of self-study.   The practice of observation allows us to enter into a new relationship with our bodies and minds.  We watch the workings of the mind and practice to notice instead of getting wound up into the stories.  We practice the art of deep listening and begin to perceive the voice of the body consciousness. This process begins with observation of the breath which is our anchor to the present moment.

As we become more present in our bodies we are able to engage further into the study of the self. We have an increasing awareness of what we are not: of all of the imprinting, social and familial conditioning, personality masks, embodied trauma, protective strategies, etc that serve to veil our True Selves.  Thus, the time spent on the yoga mat becomes a time to suspend--if even just for an hour and a half--the habitual ways of relating to ourselves.   The yoga time-space is a moment to just be, to experience our always-already perfection, to rest in the fullness of being of the present moment.  There is nothing to fix, nothing to improve: this is not one more ‘self-help’ class.

 The practice of hatha yoga allows us to forge a new relationship to our bodies based on respect, appreciation, forgiveness, and love.  We come to understand our bodies as our greatest ally.  Pain and illness can be related to in generative ways with receptivity for the wisdom they hold.

Finally, the practice is one of opening and releasing. Opening the mind. And opening the heart.  Relaxing the tight grip of the mind that limits our perception.  Releasing the barriers we have placed around our hearts to protect what needs no protecting. Thus the practice moves from the mat into every day life
where the real yoga begins.

The heart opens to reveal your inner Radiance.
The mind opens to perceive your Infinite nature.
Merge with the One Heart and the One Mind.  
Know yourself as the Love you are.