Liquid Love

You know that feeling when you love someone—or in this case—2 someones, so much that you feel that your physical body can literally not withstand the forcce of your love and it comes pouring out your tear ducts and down your face? That is what I am reflecting on today. On the love of this mother for her two children. On how this love has been transforming me from the moment each of their souls entered into my body.
I am wondering what would happen if I could gather these tears, this pure Liquid Love, this Holy Heart Medicine, and bottle it up. If I could share it with everyone in the whole wide world, especially all those in need.
Becoming a mother was and is the single greatest transformative event of my life. It is a continual transformation, all day and all night and I know it will never end. And this Love that now pours through me is in no way limited only to my children. Quite the opposite. It has been slowing teaching me what it really means to Love, it has been slowly carving away at the parts of me that block the flow of Love, it has been burning away the pain and false and limited beliefs. This Love is for all beings, all life, all creation, the whole Mystery and beyond.
Liquid Love, if I could bottle it and share it with you, I would 💘 Namaste, Sheila