“For all of us, there is a destiny - and there is always freedom. 

Within freedom is something most beautiful. When a person opens their Heart most profoundly, when they see whatever it is (it could be anything in life) as a treasure - then, from within their open Heart devotion surges. 

Streams of protection and of extraordinarily pure, freely chosen allegiance flow powerfully from within. That is what we want - not the compulsion of rules and regulations at the surface of life. 

Something within us says, ‘This is a treasure, and I stand here to protect it. To offer it. To permit it to grow.’ 

Experience the blossoming of your Heart in your meditation. As understanding refines over time, the fire of knowledge, of divine enthusiasm ignites. Evolution accelerates and higher states of Consciousness stabilize. 

Taste the exquisiteness of your own Heart, which will pour out of you authentically, potently, easily, effortlessly and completely spontaneously. Protect that which is valuable, that to which you have opened your Heart – freely, freely, freely.”

- Paul Muller-Ortega