Liquid Love

You know that feeling when you love someone—or in this case—2 someones, so much that you feel that your physical body can literally not withstand the forcce of your love and it comes pouring out your tear ducts and down your face? That is what I am reflecting on today. On the love of this mother for her two children. On how this love has been transforming me from the moment each of their souls entered into my body.
I am wondering what would happen if I could gather these tears, this pure Liquid Love, this Holy Heart Medicine, and bottle it up. If I could share it with everyone in the whole wide world, especially all those in need.
Becoming a mother was and is the single greatest transformative event of my life. It is a continual transformation, all day and all night and I know it will never end. And this Love that now pours through me is in no way limited only to my children. Quite the opposite. It has been slowing teaching me what it really means to Love, it has been slowly carving away at the parts of me that block the flow of Love, it has been burning away the pain and false and limited beliefs. This Love is for all beings, all life, all creation, the whole Mystery and beyond.
Liquid Love, if I could bottle it and share it with you, I would 💘 Namaste, Sheila

If you have not already, it is time to go 'rogue' my friends. It is time to become the sovereign beings that we are. Feel your feelings, but do not give into the temptation to drop into hate, blame, victimhood. Let your presence be a blessing and an inspiration to everyone around you. Invoke the deepest reserves of courage, bravery, and positive leadership. Take your power back. Align with the power of Love which is the fabric of all Life and be prepared to put this into real action. The time is now. Namaste, Sheila


Bare feet, skin to skin contact with Mama Earth. This is a practice that I take very seriously and any time the weather allows I kick off my shoes and get my bare feet on the earth. This has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, allows a massive inflow of negative ions, and calms the nervous system, to name just a few benefits.

And beyond this, grounding, or earthing as it is called, strengthens our ecological consciousness--the awareness of our deep interconnectedness with the Earth and all of Nature. For me, the practice of grounding has thus become a form of prayer and honoring of the Earth.

If you can't take off your shoes, you can put your hands on a tree for the same effect. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.

Inhale ~ Exhale

Our praying shall be as ceaseless as our breath. A prayer of gratitude at all times, in all circumstances, in deep abiding faith. Prayers for strength, courage, forgiveness, clear vision. Prayers for the Earth, the waters, for the plants and trees, for the animals. And prayers for our dear children--and we are all children. Prayers for our awakening to the truth of who we are: Divine beings, creative, abundant, and generous by nature, able to live in wisdom and peace with each other and all of Creation.

Inhale ~ Exhale

“For all of us, there is a destiny - and there is always freedom. 

Within freedom is something most beautiful. When a person opens their Heart most profoundly, when they see whatever it is (it could be anything in life) as a treasure - then, from within their open Heart devotion surges. 

Streams of protection and of extraordinarily pure, freely chosen allegiance flow powerfully from within. That is what we want - not the compulsion of rules and regulations at the surface of life. 

Something within us says, ‘This is a treasure, and I stand here to protect it. To offer it. To permit it to grow.’ 

Experience the blossoming of your Heart in your meditation. As understanding refines over time, the fire of knowledge, of divine enthusiasm ignites. Evolution accelerates and higher states of Consciousness stabilize. 

Taste the exquisiteness of your own Heart, which will pour out of you authentically, potently, easily, effortlessly and completely spontaneously. Protect that which is valuable, that to which you have opened your Heart – freely, freely, freely.”

- Paul Muller-Ortega


There is no urgency. Summer does not rush towards autumn. One tiny blade of grass is not trying to grow faster than its neighbour. The planets spin lazily in their orbits. This ancient universe is in no hurry.

But the mind, feeling so divided from the totality, wants answers now, wants solutions today, wants to know so badly. It wants to reach its precious conclusions. And, ultimately, it wants to be in control.

But you are not the mind. Mind is an aspect of the whole, but cannot capture the whole.

So slow down, friend. Take a deep and conscious breath. Trust the place where you are, the place of ‘no answers yet’, the precious place of not knowing. This place is sacred, for it is 100% life. It is full of life, saturated with life, dripping with life, drenched with life. 

Don’t try to rush to the next scene in the movie of 'me'. Be here, in this scene, Now, the only scene there is.

Now is the place where questions rest, and creative solutions grow. 

- Jeff Foster